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Koh Chang Dive Site, Learn Diving in Koh Chang Thailand

Diving In Koh Chang, Thailand:

Near the Cambodian border, Koh Chang is part of another beautiful archipelago in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Chang offers some of the best diving in the Gulf garden of hard and soft corals, lots of parrot fish, fish -banners, groupers, barracudas and turtles.

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There are abundant dive sites off Koh Chang, around 35, suitable for the novice to the advanced diver ranging in depths from 5m to 43m. The weather conditions in Thailand, especially Koh Chang are ideal for learning to dive. The sea can be almost aquarium-like.Koh Chang is slowly developing into becoming one of Thailands top 5 dive destinations where the reefs and corals are abundant and untouched abundant with Cnidarians, Leather Corals, Tree Soft Corals, Spiny Gorgonians, Gorgonian Fan Corals and Whip Corals. See our diving courses available with us

A variety of species visit the reefs at different times during the high season, for instance, Reef Sharks, Leatherback Turtles, Triggerfish, Great Barracudas, Clown Fish, Porpoise, a subspecies of the dolphin, Batfish, Angelfish, Fusiliers, Cardinal Fish, Groupers, Lionfish and Surgeonfish. If we are lucky enough, we have sightings of the Whale Shark around April / May.

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New in Koh Chang, Wreck diving :

Through voluntary sinking of the U.S. warship HTMS Chang, Koh Chang could quickly become one of the top destinations for diving tourism in Thailand. Divers already fond of the site and the underwater life grew quickly.

The HTMS Chang is indeed the largest wreck lying in the seabed Thai. Its dimensions are impressive: 100 meters long and 15 high. The American ship built during World War II and assigned to the Thai Navy in 1961, was intentionally sunk on November 22 off Ko Chang.

The status of the island has risen several degrees in the field of international tourism in recent years, thanks to its fascinating natural beauty and also work to develop its tourism infrastructure.

More than 70% of the mountainous islands are still covered by virgin tropical forests, and there are many sandy beaches, including the vital trinity of a tropical island - white sand, palm trees and blue water temperate - where you can escape from your everyday life and leave your worries on the continent. Koh Chang is the perfect destination for nature lovers.

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