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Diving in Thailand Information

Amazing Dive Site - How to choose a local dive center to go scuba diving in Thailand. - What you need to know before go diving in Koh Chang, Thailand - Scuba Diving in Thailand the best place to cure your mind and your body.

How to choose a local dive center for scuba diving in Thailand.

Dive center in Thailand

Where scuba diving in Thailand?

Why Koh Chang is good place for diving?

Thailand, the heaven of scuba divers. Every divers are dreaming to visit wonderful seas with peaceful nature, colorful corals with several fish and rarely species of fish in another world, under the sea which you can’t find anywhere but only when scuba diving in Thailand. There are 2 main diving zones, the Andaman sea side and The Gulf of Thailand side, which are on the top range of the world, beautiful and popular places for scuba diving in Thailand.

There are many diving sites that are available covering the year. Scuba diving around The Andaman side are properly during October to April. During May to September is appropriate time for scuba diving in Gulf of Thailand side.

Locations: Season: Depth (Meters): Visibility (Meters):
Pattaya All year long 18 - 30 6 - 10
Koh Samed November to June 18 - 30 10 - 20
Koh Chang October to May 18 - 30 10 - 25
Koh Samui March to October 15 - 40 10 - 25
Koh Tao All year long 14 - 30 less then 20
>Chumphon January to October 27 8 - 20
Phuket November to April 30 - 45 10 - 25
Similan Islands December to April 25 - 90 35 - 40
Surin Island December to April 25 - 70 20 - 40
Koh Phi Phi January to March 25 - 40 15 - 30
Trang January to May 20 - 45 20 - 40
Koh Talutao December to May 15 - 35 15 - 35
Koh Lanta November to April 20 - 40 5 - 10

How to choose a local dive center for scuba diving in Thailand.?

The first thing that comes to mind when you are traveling to new places and looking for scuba diving center is: How can you know that this dive center is matching for your needs when you want to start your scuba diving in Thailand. There are many things to considerate and questions that need to be answerered before you pay out ,such as are they providing a good quality of equipment, professional instructor, experience for diving service around the area and addition service for your convenient.

But don’t forget that you are here for travelling and relaxing, so you don’t want thinking too much but enjoying your vacations.

Here we have 6 steps to easy check before you choosing the right dive center that will worth your time and give you the best dive experience ever.

1 Equipments: please mind for good quality and safety as your priority. Don’t risk it.

On this part you need to search for informations, read reviews and comments from their websites or social medias. Facebook is very popular which is a very good place where to start getting informations and news update easily. Trip advisor quiet worldwide and with a lot of photos and reliable comments. Try to check if there are any photo of them equipments that customers using that look usable and maintenaced.

2 Experience, select the diving company, which have experience and knowledge in the local area for scuba diving in Thailand.

When you make the contact with the dive center. How do they answer to your questions.

Can they provide informations about dive sites in the areas. Do they have spare or first aid box and lifebuoys on the boat during the trip. Do they have experienced staffs with service mind, can they communicate in English for understand what you need and be enthusiastic to service you.

3 Instructor, for you to have fun and be safe during the trip.

You can inspect about the instructor’s credentials and verify it on PADI’s website. The staff should be skilled and make you feel secure. Especially when you want to take diving course to get your PADI certification. Which kind of course do they have and where you can learning the diving in the area such as pools of the hotel or in the sea for you to do exercise before you go to scuba diving in Thailand.

4 Price

Before you pay make sure that what the price cover everything or maybe you will have to pay for the hidden extra cost later. A good dive shop with an experienced staff should focused on your comfort and safety. Sometimes scuba diving in Thailand price depend on the location where price are diiferent depending on the season you travel.

5 Additionals services, for your convenient and benefit .

What’s their dive snack? I can’t help not to mention this but some divers might prefer to prepare their foods by themselves but it’s would be fully adventure to try their snack too because you might get to try local things you can’t find from anywhere but only in Thailand. Also are there any free pick-up at hotel which is very perfect for every tourist, because you can have overcharge fee of transportation in Thailand (it can happen). And also free diving insurance for divers.

6 Just be happy with it! If they can’t make you happy so you can be happy by yourself.

Because nobody is perfect, so sometimes there might have a mistake and anything can happen but you need to ask yourself what is the best thing you can do in this situation. Enjoy the most out of it and don’t waste your time focus on something that disturb you. Scuba is fun and I wish you to have the best time scuba diving in Thailand for every of your dives ever!

If you are beginner and want to start your course for PADI® Diver certification today. I would like to recommend you to go to Koh Chang.It is a great locations to learn scuba diving in Thailand with aquarium like conditions, mostly have a great visibility! Also with less crowded places to diving with a good quality local dive center is the best choice for learning and practice scuba diving skills. For the travelers who are interested in HTMS Chang wreck 71. Scuba diving here is extremely exciting for the divers as this ship is over 100 meters long and it’s the biggest wreck for scuba diving in Thailand.

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